HOW TO MAKE EXERCISE A LIFELONG HABIT.. matter how busy you are.

What do you really want when you vow to “eat better” or “exercise more”?

If pressed, most people will tell you that they want to be healthier. You know you’re supposed to be depriving yourself of your favorite foods or killing yourself in the gym in the quest for a better version of yourself.

But let’s be honest. What you really want to is look and feel your best.

You want to know you’re beautiful. To be comfortable in your own skin. To walk into a room with a quiet, empowered confidence that makes people see you. The real you.

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who still feels like she’s lost herself by putting everyone else’s needs first. Maybe you’re someone who thinks your best days are long behind you - and you feel anxious about aging. Maybe you’re just sick of running on the diet and fitness treadmill - never feeling like you’re getting anywhere, but exhausted from trying.

No matter who you are - you probably want to feel more alive in your own body. You want to feel good. You want to look good. You want to be healthy and vibrant.

The problem is the health and fitness world is only making things worse. The billion dollar fitness industry is feeding the problem instead of solving it. They don’t even realize it.

Their sleek messaging and dangling carrots keep you chasing the dream of some “perfect” body. But even if you see some results, you still feel unsatisfied. You still feel like you’re constantly fighting your body to fit some unachievable mold.

I get it. I was that person. As a dancer I spent nearly 20 years believing my body was the problem and looking for solutions that only made my self-loathing worse. I tried everything from highly restrictive diets to spending hours each day working out.

Finally, after realizing that I needed to get off the broken train, I found the solution I had been looking for. It didn’t come in the form of a new fitness program or nutritional supplement. The answer was deep inside my body, programmed during my first two years of life, but neglected and forgotten for many years.

In all the fighting, disciplining, motivating, and battling my body, I missed out on the very thing that could bring me the kind of results I craved. What was I missing? Simply put, it was the connection to my body.

Think about it. The world has taught you to come at your body as an outside observer. You point out the flaws. You scrutinize every problem. You separate yourself from the very thing that can bring you the kind of wholeness - and yes, beauty - you long for.

Here’s the thing. You were born with some pretty incredible blueprints for complex movement.

Toddlers are a great example of natural movement at work. They can squat, run, and live upright with ease.

How many hunched over, insecure, disengaged two years old have you seen? Zero.

When your body is functioning properly you feel amazing. You're graceful. You're coordinated. You're powerful, toned, connected, and present. Beautiful is your default.

But life happens.

Injuries, trauma, stress, technology, and today's modern environment gets in the way. It doesn’t take long for your beautiful birthright of natural movement to turn ugly. Bad habits develop. You begin disconnecting from your body. And the world tells you to keep fighting it into submission.

The result is a body full of “issues” that make you cringe when you look in the mirror. Bad posture, chronic pain, rapid aging, and poor self esteem are just some of the things you'll fight the rest of your life if you don't reconnect.

As a Certified Movement Analyst (CLMA) and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) I’ve worked with hundreds of students. My online work has reached millions. My greatest thrill in life is seeing people like you fall in love with their body again.

Strengthening your basic neural pathways through fundamental movement patterns will change your life. Imagine walking into a room fully engaged, confident, and radiant. This isn’t just a dream. And it certainly does not require giving up on cake forever (hallelujah!).

Remember, a beautiful body is your birthright. I’m guessing if you go back to your 2-year old self you were pretty gosh-darn cute. Guess what? That’s your body’s natural state. I want to help you restore your body back to that.

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Here's to rediscovering your most beautiful self!

Robin Konie

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